Chocolate suitable for Vegans

Vegan Chocolate

 You’d be forgiven for wondering if these chocolate tastes nice. It looks weird, like tools and things. And you may never have thought of eating a horseshoe before. Could it be made of rubbish chocolate like that cheap, grainy ‘advent calendar’ stuff?

The short answer is they are made with only use fine-grade, Venezuelan chocolate. But here's a little more detail, so….

Here’s a brief guide to the quality of the chocolate, the ingredients we use and why we use them… so you can tuck into that horseshoe knowing it’s not going to taste like one.

We’re really obsessive about the quality of our chocolate and never compromise on taste.

It’s very time-consuming to make and the finished product is so visually fantastic it would be a tragedy to ruin it all with a cheap chocolate, so all of these products are made with truly top-notch ingredients to make our amazing creations.

What’s more, all of the chocolate is suitable for vegans. No animal products are used in the amazing recipes. Even the creamy, dreamy smooth white chocolate.

The Famous Trinitario Cocoa Bean.

This is what really sets us apart. We use a rather special cocoa bean called the ‘Trinitario’, from Venezuela; an extremely sought after variety used in less than 10% of worldwide chocolate production due to the expertise needed to grow them.

They are world-renowned for their fine flavour and only used by premium producers. Google ‘Trinitario Cocoa Beans’ and you’ll see it really is the real deal.

Fine-grade ingredients = fine flavour.

Our cocoa beans are carefully sourced and chosen for their luxurious, indulgent flavour, making our chocolate pieces truly special both to look at and to taste.

Our plain chocolate is naturally velvety, smooth and creamy and contains less sugar than a lot of every day chocolate you might find in the supermarket.

High cocoa content. No compromise.

We put 64% cocoa in our creamy plain chocolate, giving it the perfect balance of sweetness and rich indulgence; it’s mellow and moreish without any lingering bitterness.

Our milk chocolate contains a high 37% cocoa and our white contains a minimum of 30% cocoa. The result is all in the flavour, fine chocolate that’s sweet without
being sickly.