Life Size Solid Chocolate Ice Cream Cone

  • £9.50

If you’re looking to treat a loved one to a novelty chocolate gift, we have just the right handmade chocolates for you.

We all know the chocolate flake is the best bit of a whipped ice cream cone, which is why we’ve made our very own cone entirely of Belgian chocolate.

There’s no need to listen out for the ice cream van to get your hands on this summertime chocolate treat; instead, you can enjoy the sweet, creamy flavours of white and milk chocolate all year round. A whippy white chocolate ‘ice cream’ top sits on top of a white-and-milk chocolate cone, while the classic flake peeks out of the top. Coming in a set of two, this is a must-have to share at any summer picnic!

Please note: this cone is made from solid chocolate and contains no ice cream.

Handmade from white and milk Belgian chocolate


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