Chocolate Gin & Tonic Teapot Set

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There's gin in my teapot chocolate tea party set, featuring a chocolate teapot, teacup, milk jug, and gin bottle, handmade from Belgian chocolate.

If you’re looking to treat a loved one to a novelty chocolate gift, we have just the right handmade chocolates for you.

Make yours a G and ‘tea’ with our quintessentially British chocolate teapot and tipple set.

Containing a gorgeous Union-Jack- patterned white-and- dark chocolate teapot, a white chocolate teacup, a dark-and- white chocolate ‘jug’ of tonic, and a mini chocolate-flavoured gin bottle, this whimsical collection of chocolate crockery (or should that be ‘choc-kery’?) is wonderful for any adult Alice in Wonderland fans, gin connoisseurs, or tea-lovers.

Weight 330g / 11.6oz.